Any time that you find yourself out for a run, you are likely to see other runners – if you are in more built up areas, you will probably see tens or hundreds of them. But how often do you see more than two people running together? Our bet is seldom.

How many friends do you have that run? Probably quite a lot. How many times do you run with them? We suspect it is pretty infrequently…

The time-pressures of modern life mean that we all squeeze in our runs whenever we can, which is often not a convenient window for our local running buddies. It can be hard to find available running compatriots of a similar ability too. We all have our own pace and running unnaturally fast or unnaturally slowly can take away from the enjoyment.

We also all use running as “alone-time” on certain days – to clear our head, listen to our audiobooks or catch up on our favourite playlist or podcast, but that shouldn’t stop us from being part of, and participating in, a community.

Run2 aims to bring together a community of people to make it easier to run together.

That could be “really” together in our fixed events, every Sunday afternoon, or just with a group of other friends or club members at any point during the week.  Even if you decide to run alone, you can still be running together “virtually”, by completing an approved route and then meeting and sharing experiences online.

Through the magic of Strava clubs (find us here), you can meet and converse with everybody else in our gang, find local runners of a similar ability, see who else is around at any point for an impromptu Run2, review and download new routes and create your own Run2 routes to share, as well as monitoring your distances against those of your fellow runners.

Join Run2 today so that we can all run together!