We set up Run2 because we wanted to create a running community for people like us. A community that wasn’t about racing, running vests, interval training or PBs. A community that could bring people of all ages and abilities together to run regularly, with a shared purpose – to rediscover the joy of running, 5k at a time.

The idea for Run2 came from James’s cycling experiences with audax – a non-competitive touring organisation that has been around since the late 1890’s. The principles of Run2 are very similar and centre around completing a specific distance on a route that passes through specific control points, within a specific time period. The key thing to remember is that this is not a race – there is no winner – the aim is simply to complete your Run2.

Run2 offers flexible challenges to cater to different desires and time commitments, it provides a forum to connect with like-minded runners and it encourages ordinary folk to challenge themselves to do extraordinary things. It’s a simple twist on the oldest of pastimes. It’s running two point zero.

 Hopefully the following pages explain what we are trying to achieve with Run2 but, if not, try looking at our FAQ.