In our opinion the “to” of modern running is not always conducive to getting the most enjoyment out of this very basic pleasure. Most people run “to” get fit, “to” lose weight, “to” beat their personal best… These are all laudable aims but they make the whole thing seem like a bit of a chore.

For us, running “to” somewhere, whether that be a meeting point, a beautiful view, an interesting place… gives a different purpose to running, it changes our mental approach to what we are doing, and makes the whole thing more enjoyable. That’s why all Run2 routes must have checkpoints (controls) that are defined in advance. The distance between controls is always 5k. And the best bit is that you are encouraged to stop when you get to them.

The point of Run2 is to complete a pre-defined route, within a certain maximum time. We have set the maximum time for every distance to allow for a rest stop at every (5k) control – to recover, to stretch, to take some photos, to have a chat, to have a cup of tea, or (god forbid) to even have a cheeky half!

Depending on how fast you are, how much time you have on any given day or how interesting the company is, you can choose to stop for as long or as short a time as you like, as long as you get to the end (which is always also the start), within the maximum allotted time.