Run2 is not for elite runners. We have nothing against these incredible folk, it’s just that they already have plenty of ways to express their fleet-footed gifts.

Run2 is a community for anyone that likes to run but doesn’t necessarily want to join a running club. It’s for people who love Parkrun (which is awesome, really really awesome, by the way) but are interested in running more than 5k, would like to run some different routes and don’t want to always have the spectre of their PB hanging over them.

It bugs us that humans were Born to Run (fantastic book – if you haven’t read it and you like running, you should) but too many people think that it is the preserve of the skinny, the gifted or the clinically insane. We can all run. And we can all enjoy it. In our opinion, we just need to think about it a little differently.

Before we started this, Matt and James had never run more than 5k (slowly) and they are now knocking out 15k Run2’s without barely breaking a sweat, less than a month later. As all Run2 controls are 5k apart, you are never more than 2.5k from a target point (and a potential rest). If you have read this far, 2.5k is probably not a scary distance for you.

We have set a basic rule that no Run2 event can cover a distance that the three of us haven’t previously completed within the prescribed Run2 maximum time. Given that we are not very good runners, we are sure that if we can make it, you can Run2!