Our hope is that Run2 helps people to rediscover the joy of running and that, in doing so, you won’t need any excuse to slip on the trainers and get out there. But, we’re all human, and some days that means that we’re just not feeling it. So, if the mantra that “you never regret a run” (true by the way) isn’t enough to get you off the couch, then we have a little bit of friendly competition to help persuade you.

The leaderboard for official Run2 points is now up and running and can be found here: https://app.run2pointzero.com/points/.

Points are allocated for completed runs on approved Run2 routes as follows:

1 point per kilometre for every full kilometre completed plus

1 Run2 Altitude Point bonus (RAP bonus) for every 50m of climbing on any completed route (and 0.5 RAP bonuses for every 25 metres of climbing thereafter).

You can also see how your total weekly distance matches up to other members of the community here.

We’re still figuring out the exact model for the “gamification” of Run2 but current plans include overall season points awards (hopefully separated out by sex, age group, weight category and maybe more, depending on what information we can get out of the Strava API).

We also intend to offer bonus points for particular challenges or distance combinations, as well as various badges/awards and interim competitions throughout the year. We will keep track of the most popular Run2 routes over time and will potentially offer bonus points for those that create them. Any thoughts or feedback on this will be gratefully received.


Once you have joined Run2, all you need to do is upload your activity to Strava and then we will do the rest. We will verify that you have completed a valid Run2 route and credit your Run2 locker with the appropriate number of points for the run.



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