Run2 routes are created by our members. We want all Run2 participants to create and suggest their favourite routes. As long as they satisfy the guidelines, we will be delighted to approve them. Get creative with your routes, think about the themes, the difficulty, the name. Design a route that you think that others will enjoy running, that has good control points and that you will look forward to leading a Run2 on.

The easiest way to create routes is by running the route that you want to create, uploading the activity to Strava and then clicking the “create route” button from within the activity on the Strava desktop app. You can also create routes from the comfort of your sofa via the Strava route builder, which is a user-friendly mapping tool that Strava provides.

Once you have created a route, you can share it with us personally on Strava, by posting it on our club discussion boards or by email to We will also try to pick up routes that you run and create official versions just from following your Strave feed.

If you are creating routes yourselves, please include the start and finish points and brief details of the control points in the route description. Try not to make routes too complicated – a good route should allow anybody running it on their own for the first time to be able to have a decent stab at finding their way around the course without a Garmin guiding their every step. Following the route on your phone, through Strava, or even using a good old-fashioned cue sheet, should suffice.

Routes must be approved by the Run2 route committee before they can qualify for official Run2 points in order to ensure that they comply with the rules and contain the necessary information. We will endeavour to approve new routes as quickly as possible.

Run2 routes can be circular or point2point – if you want to create a route for your commute, for example.

An example 10k Run2 route that we have completed, with one control, is here.

An example 15k Run2 route that we have completed, with two controls, is here.

An example 20K Run2 route that we have completed, with three controls is here.

Once created, routes can be used directly from Strava on your mobile phone or can be exported as a GPX for use with a Garmin watch or other similar device.

We are also working on a children’s version of Run2. We are yet to settle on distances/rules etc for this but a 5.5km route that I have completed with Ben (age 5) can be found here.