Can children join a Run2?

Yes – you can find the target times for children (<14) here: Run2_Rules_2017_05. Anyone can join a Run2 but 5 or 10km routes may well be too much of a challenge for small children (<10) or even older children who haven’t done a great deal of running. Ultimately it is the responsibility of parents to determine whether their children are capable of joining. We have plans to launch run2pointlittle1.com for children in due course, with shorter routes and shorter distances between controls. We’ll keep you updated as that develops.

Are there different time requirements for men and women

Yes – you can see the different time requirements here: Run2_Rules_2017_05.

What about veteran runners?

We want runners of all ages to participate in Run2. We have ideas for a veterans group (run2point0ap.com) but have not launched that yet. In the meantime, we hope that the current rules will already allow participation by many “veterans”.


What if I want to run shorter than 5K?

We absolutely encourage everyone to run, whatever the distance. If you join our club, all runs that you complete will count towards your position on our Strava leaderboard. Activities that are not completed on approved Run2 routes will not qualify for Run2 points, however. 5K is the shortest distance that can qualify for a Run2 route.

What if I want to run a route that is longer than the current maximum approved Run2 distance?

We want all Run2 members to run as far as they can. As long as you run on an approved Run2 route, you will get credit for every KM that you run. However, in order to make sure that Run2 remains a community for every day runners, we are not allowing Run2 routes to be created over distances that we (Kevin, James, Matt) have not all completed. That currently stands at 20k but we aim to keep increasing that over the coming months and years.

So, by way of example, if you run 25km on an approved 20km route, within the prescribed time limit, you will get credit for all 25km. However, we will not approve a new 25km route until such time as we have completed an approved 25km Run2.

What if I want to Run to or from a Run2?

As long as your Strava record mirrors the start and finish of your run and you complete a valid Run2, you will receive Run2 points for your total run, For example, if you run 5k to meet a friend for a 15km Run2 and then run a further 5km home, you will receive points equivalent to a 25km run as long as your average speed falls within the minimum and maximum speeds permitted for Run2.


How do I create a new route?

The easiest way to create a new route is by using the Strava Route Builder, which can be found here. However, you can also create a route (.tcx, .gpx or .fit) outside of Strava and import it here.

We will also try to monitor members’ Strava feeds and will endeavour to create approved routes from your everyday runs wherever possible.

What are the criteria for “approved routes”?

Approved routes must be a distance that is a multiple of 5km (routes can exceed a multiple by a maximum of 10%) and have specific control points, which can be clearly identified, every 5k (plus or minus 1k).

Other than that, we are entirely agnostic as to the routes that you create. All we ask is that you develop routes that you think that others will enjoy running and are not too difficult to follow, without a Garmin guiding your every turn.

Do I have to run a Run2 route in the direction that it is created?

You can run any Run2 route in any direction, as long as you complete it?

Do I have to start a Run2 from the designated start point of the route?

You can start a Run2 from the start or from any control point. You cannot start it from a point that is between controls.


What’s the deal with these control things? 

Controls exist to regulate the distance and pace of Run2 routes. They help ensure that participants complete the requisite distance within the required time. Controls open and close at pre-determined times, see: run2-control-times.

To validly complete a Run2, your must pass through each control, whilst it is open. This means that you can get “timed out” at any control point if you don’t arrive before it closes – in doing so, we create a minimum pace that must be achieved for all legs of a Run2. You can get “stopped out” if you leave a control point before it has opened – in doing so, we prevent Run2 from being a race.

Do I have to stop at controls?

Controls exist to offer natural breaks within a Run2 to rest, recuperate, rehydrate, relax… But there is no requirement to stop if you don’t want to or don’t feel that you have the time to in order to maintain your schedule for completing the Run2. As long as you pass through each control whilst it is open, the time that you stay there matters not.